Ne ver Rea dy

A Co ngre ss on

th e Visua lity of

the I nter net 

9.—11. J une

20 22

HFB K Hamburg


DVT K (GB/FR) Kex in Ha o (NL) Seba stian Sc hmieg (DE) Marco La nd (DE) Oli a Liali na (DE) Laiq a Mohid (GB) Laurel Schwu lst (US) Vera va n de S eyp (NL) Har ald Pet er Ström (SE) Yeh wan Song  (KR) Liebe rmann, Kiepe, Redd emann (DE)
Time tab le
Ticke ts
Loc atio n

From the 9th to the 11th of June 2022 we are organizing a congress about the visuality of the Internet. Under the title Never Ready it will take place at our art school, the HFBK in Hamburg, Germany.

The multitude of spaces in the online world have widely been unified in the last few years. Innovation and finding your own unique solutions have been pushed aside, easing us into lazy comfort. Together with designers, writers and artists from all over the world we want to go off grid for a breather and get out of our cozy pillows. Together we want to be nostalgic about a new web that has yet to be conjured by us and share new possibilities and viewpoints for a happier and more diverse time in front of and behind the screen. We envision a digital detox from the online anecdotes and how the internet should look and delve deep into new narrations that break up with our templated reality. To overthrow the golden rules of web design to which we are bound and embrace lost or new ways of how the web works.

Team: Moritz Ebeling, Stina Frenz, Wiebke Grieshop, Kim Kleinert, Karla Krey, Tigran Saakyan, Torben Spieker, Stephan Thiel, Leoni Voltz, Yulia Wagner;

Klas se Dig itale Grafi k

Prof. Christoph Knoth, Prof. Konrad Renner;